We have been open since June of 2011. Since then we have trained many individuals of all different backgrounds.They have ranged from a CrossFit Games Regionals qualifier all the way to people that have never exercised a day in their life.

What Is "Crossfit"?
In simplest terms it is “Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” It can be described in more detail as a combination of Olympic lifting, metabolic conditioning (cardio), and gymnastic movements.

Sound complicated? It’s not! Have you ever performed a push-up in any form? That’s a "gymnastic movement". Have you ever picked up a bag of dog food from the floor? That’s an "Olympic dead lift". If you threw it on your shoulder after lifting it, you did an "Olympic clean". If you’ve ever done anything that got your heart rate up for longer than 2 minutes you’ve done "metabolic conditioning". So, if you throw a planned series of movements from these categories into an exciting group workout you have CrossFit.

Another great feature of CrossFit is that it is scalable from an athlete at the peak of his performance to an elderly person wishing to stay out of an assisted living facility.

To show the Salisbury area that real fitness is attainable without boring routines and guesswork. Fitness goals will be reached through high quality coaching and nutritional guidance.

It all starts with a free Foundations Class. During this session, you will be introduced to the basic CrossFit movements. If you are comfortable with these movements and can perform them safely, you will go on to the regular group workouts. If you need more coaching on the basics, additional foundations coaching will be available. Regular CrossFit training is done in one hour increments. During these classes, no more than 15 people will be led through a warm up set of exercises, stretching, skill work, strength training, then the workout of the day (WOD).

We are located at 105 W Corriher Avenue in Salisbury, NC (map). We have supervised child care, locker rooms with showers, and a 3,500 square foot fully equipped CrossFit gym.
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